Schedule & Results, St. Thomas AE Tournament, 2010-2011 (St. Thomas Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 19, 2010
AT-A 12:00 PMSTMHA Centre Wellington Fusion1-2St. Thomas Jr. Stars
AT-A 22:15 PMPress TNT Tornados4-0Windsor Jr. Spitfires
AT-A 33:00 PMSTMHA Ajax Knights1-3Tecumseh Eagles
BN-B 43:00 PMMEM Belle River Jr. Canadians1-4Stouffville Clippers
AT-A 53:15 PMPress Woodstock Navy Vets0-6Ancaster Avalanche
PW-B 64:00 PMSTMHA Georgetown Raiders9-0West Lorne Comets
BN-A 74:00 PMMEM Flamborough Sabres3-3St. Thomas Jr. Stars
AT-A 84:15 PMPress Woolwich Wildcats3-1South Point Capitals
PW-B 95:10 PMSTMHA TNT Tornados3-2Ancaster Avalanche
PW-A 105:15 PMPress Stoney Creek Warriers3-2Windsor Jr. Spitfires
BN-B 115:15 PMMEM Grimsby Peach Kings1-3Windsor Jr. Spitfires
AT-A 126:20 PMSTMHA St. Thomas Jr. Stars3-0Woodstock Navy Vets
AT-A 136:25 PMPress Chatham Maroons0-5Centre Wellington Fusion
BN-A 146:30 PMMEM South Point Capitals1-6Hamilton Cyclones
AT-A 157:20 PMSTMHA Windsor Jr. Spitfires0-3Ajax Knights
AT-A 167:25 PMPress South Point Capitals0-5TNT Tornados
PW-A 177:45 PMMEM Woodstock Navy Vets5-2St. Thomas Jr. Stars
MD - B (XOVER)188:20 PMSTMHA St. Thomas Jr. Stars0-6Hamilton Tigers
MD - A (XOVER)198:25 PMPress La Salle Sabres1-2Grimsby Peach Kings
MD - A (XOVER)209:00 PMMEM Innisfil Winterhawks3-0Belle River Jr. Canadians
MD - B (XOVER)219:35 PMSTMHA Hamilton Blizzard4-2South Point Capitals
MD - B (XOVER)229:40 PMPress TNT Tornados3-1Woolwich Wildcats
Saturday, November 20, 2010
AT-A 237:00 AMSTMHA Ancaster Avalanche4-1Woolwich Wildcats
AT-A 247:15 AMPress St. Thomas Jr. Stars3-1Chatham Maroons
AT-A 258:00 AMSTMHA Centre Wellington Fusion2-2South Point Capitals
PW-A 268:10 AMMEM St. Thomas Jr. Stars0-5Windsor Jr. Spitfires
AT-A 278:15 AMPress TNT Tornados8-1Ajax Knights
AT-A 289:00 AMSTMHA Woodstock Navy Vets2-4Windsor Jr. Spitfires
BN-B 299:15 AMPress Belle River Jr. Canadians5-0Grimsby Peach Kings
PW-B 309:20 AMMEM Ancaster Avalanche1-3Georgetown Raiders
BN-A 3110:00 AMSTMHA Flamborough Sabres1-4South Point Capitals
BN-A 3210:30 AMPress St. Thomas Jr. Stars0-7Hamilton Cyclones
BN-B 3310:30 AMMEM Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-2Stouffville Clippers
PW-A 3411:15 AMSTMHA Woodstock Navy Vets1-7Stoney Creek Warriers
AT-A 3511:45 AMPress Woolwich Wildcats0-1Tecumseh Eagles
MD - A (XOVER)3611:45 AMMEM Hamilton Tigers6-1TNT Tornados
PW-B 3712:25 PMSTMHA TNT Tornados17-0West Lorne Comets
MD - A (XOVER)3812:45 PMPress Innisfil Winterhawks7-2St. Thomas Jr. Stars
MD - B (XOVER)391:00 PMMEM Hamilton Blizzard12-1La Salle Sabres
AT-A 401:35 PMSTMHA Chatham Maroons0-6Ancaster Avalanche
AT-A 412:00 PMPress South Point Capitals2-2Woodstock Navy Vets
BN-B 422:15 PMMEM Belle River Jr. Canadians6-2Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MD - B (XOVER)432:35 PMSTMHA Grimsby Peach Kings6-1Woolwich Wildcats
AT-A 443:00 PMPress St. Thomas Jr. Stars3-2Tecumseh Eagles
BN-A 453:30 PMMEM Hamilton Cyclones6-1Flamborough Sabres
MD - B (XOVER)463:50 PMSTMHA Belle River Jr. Canadians3-5Hamilton Tigers
AT-A 474:00 PMPress Ancaster Avalanche7-0Centre Wellington Fusion
MD - A (XOVER)484:45 PMMEM South Point Capitals3-3TNT Tornados
PW-A 495:00 PMPress Stoney Creek Warriers7-0St. Thomas Jr. Stars
AT-A 505:05 PMSTMHA Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-3Woolwich Wildcats
MD - A (XOVER)516:00 PMMEM La Salle Sabres5-1St. Thomas Jr. Stars
AT-A 526:05 PMSTMHA Ajax Knights3-0Chatham Maroons
PW-B 536:10 PMPress Georgetown Raiders1-0TNT Tornados
AT-A 547:05 PMSTMHA Tecumseh Eagles0-11TNT Tornados
PW-A 557:15 PMMEM Windsor Jr. Spitfires7-0Woodstock Navy Vets
PW-B 567:20 PMPress Ancaster Avalanche7-0West Lorne Comets
BN-A 578:05 PMSTMHA South Point Capitals3-1St. Thomas Jr. Stars
MD - A (XOVER)588:25 PMMEM Woolwich Wildcats3-5Belle River Jr. Canadians
BN-B 598:30 PMPress Stouffville Clippers2-2Grimsby Peach Kings
MD - B (XOVER)609:25 PMSTMHA Hamilton Blizzard6-0Innisfil Winterhawks
MD - B (XOVER)619:45 PMPress Grimsby Peach Kings5-2South Point Capitals
Sunday, November 21, 2010
BN-C 629:00 AMSTMHA Belle River Jr. Canadians1-6Hamilton Cyclones
BN-C 639:15 AMPress South Point Capitals3-4Stouffville Clippers
PW-C 6410:15 AMSTMHA TNT Tornados3-0Stoney Creek Warriers
PW-C 6510:30 AMPress Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-2Georgetown Raiders
MD-C 6611:45 AMSTMHA Grimsby Peach Kings2-8Hamilton Blizzard
MD-C 6712:00 PMPress Innisfil Winterhawks4-5Hamilton Tigers
AT-C 681:15 PMSTMHA Ancaster Avalanche2-0TNT Tornados
PW-C 691:30 PMPress TNT Tornados2-3Georgetown Raiders
BN-C 692:30 PMSTMHA Stouffville Clippers2-3Hamilton Cyclones
MD-C 714:00 PMSTMHA Hamilton Blizzard2-0Hamilton Tigers
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