Frequently Asked Questions (St. Thomas Minor Hockey)

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What age categories are there?

Initiation Program (IP)  U5-U6– Birth Years of 2020-2019 and 2018 in their  1st year of hockey

Initiation Program 2 (IP2) U7– Birth Years 2018 – who have previously played IP
Minor Novice U8-Birth year of 2017

Novice U9- Birth year of 2016

Atom U10-U11– Births year of 2015-2014

Peewee U12-U13– Birth years of 2013-2012

Bantam U14-U15– Birth years of 2011-2010

Midget U16-U18– Birth years of 2009-2007


What is the difference between Travel (Representative) Hockey& Local League Hockey?

For some, the difference is minimal, while others believe it to be substantial. Simply speaking the Rep league is a competitive league that a player must tryout and qualify for while players wishing to play Local league are guaranteed a spot on a team no matter their skill. While both leagues enjoy the sport at its fullest, rep team players tend to be more skilled and are required to travel for games. St. Thomas Local League plays all their games right here in St. Thomas and travel to teams with in the Lambtom Middlesex Local League for away games . Rep team players also are required to pay an additional Travel Team fee over and above the General Registration Fee that Local league team players pay. Travel Team tryouts start in May for U10A-U16A and players must pre-register for tryouts. For more information also see What Levels of Hockey do we Offer? Travel players are also bound by the Residential Guidelines outlined by the OMHA for more information on Residential Guidelines please see our Residential Boundaries page. There are no residential restrictions for Local league players.

When does Local League hockey start?

Local League will start around Mid Sept for evaluation skates.  These are skates to ensure we make the teams as fair as possible – we will post confirmed start times once our 2024-2025 ice is confirmed with the City of St. Thomas.  We hope to have all Local league game and practice times are posted on our web site by mid September.


How do I know what team my son/daughter is on?

Initiation Program players are assigned to teams just prior to the start of the season and the information is posted on our web site. Players in Novice Local League to Midget Local League will have evaluation skates (posted on the web site) at the start of the season to allow convenors and coaches to rank rate the players for team selections. Once the teams have been drafted the information will be posted on the web site.


What equipment does my child need for hockey?

In order for your child to play hockey at any level, they are required to wear “full equipment”. This protective equipment plays a crucial role in the prevention of injuries. As a parent you are responsible for ensuring that your son or daughter is properly protected. If you are starting hockey for the first time, please use the list as a general guide for what you will need and how hockey equipment should fit to ensure your child is properly equipped. For a complete list of equipment please see our Hockey Equipment Check List For further information on fitting equipment we recommend the Hockey Canada Equipment Fitting Video 


Why do we lose ice time some Saturdays?

We are given “Blackout” dates for special events from the City of St. Thomas. We are aware at the start of the season how many of these Blackout dates there will be and factor them into the ice schedule. When there is a tournament or special event, this ice is not taken away, it was simply not St. Thomas Minor Hockey’s to use. Since black-out dates generally happen on weekends it usually affects both of our programs, House League and Travel. Due to the uncontrollable nature of ice time from season to season we do not commit to a weekly allotment of ice time but rather an allotment of ice over the course of a season.


Why did the Initiation Program fees increase?

When the IP program was first introduced there were more teams/players on the ice for each session. The introduction of IP2 in 2011/12 meant an increase in ice allocated to the program to accommodate the new structure. Then in 2012/13 STMHA added Power Skating by Total Package Hockey to the program on a trial basis, which was well received by the membership. STMHA was no longer able to absorb these additional costs for the program therefore an increase was needed in order to maintain the same level of programming.


I would like to help with my son/daughter’s team, how do I become involved?

1. There is a box in the Parent/Guardian Information section on the 2024-2025 Registration Form where you can indicate your interest or you can e-mail us at [email protected] 


2.  All Head Coaches and Trainers must attend the appropriate training clinic. All Assistant Coaches must attend a Speak-out or Prevention Services (PRS) Clinic. STMHA runs various training clinics every fall and there is no cost if you are volunteering in our system. For the most up-to-date clinic information visit our web site. We require at least 10-12 Volunteers from each age grouping (tyke, novice, atom etc.) or 6 volunteers from each birth year. We are not asking for additional time on your behalf, only now the time you spend at your child’s game/practice already can be as an active volunteer. Hockey knowledge is not required so anyone can help out.


How do I know what team my son/daughter is on?

Information on Draft skates will be posted on our web site by Mid September.  You may also receive a phone call or email from a coach or convenor telling you when your players first ice time will be.  In every division (except IP) the players will have 1 or 2 draft skates to allow the coaches to rank the players according to ability. This allows the coaches and convenors to make the teams as equal as possible. Once the teams are formed your coach will call to let you know the first game or practice time.


Are there any special events during the season?



1.  Ip1 and Ip2  Final day is held in March. Players will play their final practice and have a pizza party with awards.


Who do I contact if I have any other hockey related questions or concerns?

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact the St. Thomas Minor Hockey office at 519-631-3607 or [email protected] 


During the season you can also contact the league representatives. Representatives will be listed on our web site as they are assigned for up-coming season.