Schedule & Results, Boston Pizza Cup - Major Tournament, 2018-2019 (St. Thomas Minor Hockey)

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Friday, October 12, 2018
NOV-AS18:45 AMTC-STMHA West London Hawks 2-5St.Thomas Stars
BTM A (XOVER)P19:00 AMTC-PRESS Guelph Gryphons 2-1Centre Wellington Fusion
32K19:15 AMEECC-K North London Nationals 8-1Milton Winterhawks
MID POOL B (XOVER)E19:30 AMEECC-E St.Thomas Stars1-4Mt.Brydges Cougars
BTM A (XOVER)M19:30 AMMEM Amherstburg Stars 0-6St.Thomas Stars
NOV-AS29:45 AMTC-STMHA Stratford Warriors 2-3Southpoint Capitals
BTM A (XOVER)P210:15 AMTC-PRESS North Durham Warriors 3-5London Jr Mustangs Purple
32K210:30 AMEECC-K Leaside Flames Red 2-2Georgina Blaze
BTM A (XOVER)M210:30 AMMEM Brampton 45's 2-0Niagara Falls Flyer
MID POOL B (XOVER)E210:45 AMEECC-E Lorne Park Clarkson 0-3Sarnia Sting
PW POOL CS310:45 AMTC-STMHA Erie North Shore Storm 2-3St. Thomas Stars
PWK311:30 AMEECC-K St. Clair Shores Saints 6-1London Jr Mustangs Purple
AT (XOVER)P311:30 AMTC-PRESS Woodstock Jr Navy Vets 0-2St.Thomas Stars
AT (XOVER)E311:45 AMEECC-E Toronto Avalanche 0-3Owen Sound Attack
MID POOL B (XOVER)M311:45 AMMEM Vaughan Rangers 2-1Lorne Park Wild
NOV-AS411:45 AMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars7-0Niagara Falls Flyer
PW POOL BP412:30 PMTC-PRESS Georgina Blaze 0-2London Jr Mustangs White
PW POOL CE412:45 PMEECC-E Woolwich Wildcats 5-2Burlington Jr Cougars
AT (XOVER)K412:45 PMEECC-K Southpoint Capitals 2-2Sarnia Sting
PWS512:45 PMTC-STMHA Welland Tigers 3-2Oakville Rangers
MID POOL B (XOVER)M41:00 PMMEM Orillia Terriers 5-1Amherstburg Stars
PW POOL BP51:45 PMTC-PRESS Stoney Creek Warriors 2-3Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
32E52:00 PMEECC-E Georgina Blaze 3-2Riverside Rangers
NOV-AK52:00 PMEECC-K Southpoint Capitals 16-1West London Hawks
BTM B (XOVER)S62:00 PMTC-STMHA London Jr Mustangs Purple 8-1Brampton 45's
BTM B (XOVER)M52:15 PMMEM St.Thomas Stars5-1North Durham Warriors
32E63:00 PMEECC-E Milton Winterhawks 1-2Leaside Flames Red
PW POOL CP63:00 PMTC-PRESS St. Thomas Stars1-3Whitby Wildcats
ATOM GROUP (XOVER)S73:15 PMTC-STMHA Owen Sound Attack 3-1Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
PWM63:30 PMMEM London Jr Mustangs Purple 2-0Barrie Colts
NOV-AE74:00 PMEECC-E Niagara Falls Flyer 1-14Stratford Warriors
PW POOL BP674:00 PMTC-PRESS London Jr Mustangs White 0-2Owen Sound Attack
ATOM GROUP (XOVER)S84:15 PMTC-STMHA Sarnia Sting 2-4Toronto Avalanche
PW POOL CP85:00 PMTC-PRESS Erie North Shore Storm 2-5Woolwich Wildcats
ATOM GROUP (XOVER)S95:15 PMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars2-0Southpoint Capitals
PW POOL BM75:45 PMMEM Georgina Blaze 2-3Stoney Creek Warriors
32P96:15 PMTC-PRESS Riverside Rangers 4-8North London Nationals
PWS106:15 PMTC-STMHA St. Clair Shores Saints 3-2Welland Tigers
PW POOL CM87:00 PMMEM Whitby Wildcats 1-6Burlington Jr Cougars
PW POOL BP107:15 PMTC-PRESS Owen Sound Attack 2-0Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
PWS117:15 PMTC-STMHA Barrie Colts 7-1Oakville Rangers
BTM B (XOVER)M98:15 PMMEM Niagara Falls Flyer 1-1Guelph Gryphons
MID POOL A (XOVER)P118:30 PMTC-PRESS Lorne Park Wild 5-0Orillia Terriers
BTM B (XOVER)S128:30 PMTC-STMHA Centre Wellington Fusion 6-4Amherstburg Stars
MID POOL A (XOVER)M109:30 PMMEM Sarnia Sting 4-5Vaughan Rangers
MID POOL A (XOVER)P129:45 PMTC-PRESS Mt.Brydges Cougars 6-1Lorne Park Clarkson
MID POOL A (XOVER)S139:45 PMTC-STMHA Amherstburg Stars 0-2St.Thomas Stars
Saturday, October 13, 2018
PWM117:30 AMMEM St. Clair Shores Saints 3-5Barrie Colts
PW POOL CP137:30 AMTC-PRESS Erie North Shore Storm 1-3Whitby Wildcats
NOV-AS147:30 AMTC-STMHA Southpoint Capitals 11-0Niagara Falls Flyer
32E88:00 AMEECC-E North London Nationals 4-1Georgina Blaze
PW POOL BM128:30 AMMEM Georgina Blaze 3-6Owen Sound Attack
NOV-AS158:30 AMTC-STMHA Stratford Warriors 5-1St.Thomas Stars
PWP148:45 AMTC-PRESS London Jr Mustangs Purple 3-1Oakville Rangers
32E99:00 AMEECC-E Milton Winterhawks 0-4Riverside Rangers
PW POOL BM139:30 AMMEM London Jr Mustangs White 4-2Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
PW POOL CS169:30 AMTC-STMHA St. Thomas Stars7-0Burlington Jr Cougars
AT (XOVER)E1010:00 AMEECC-E Woodstock Jr Navy Vets 3-1Sarnia Sting
AT (XOVER)P1510:00 AMTC-PRESS Toronto Avalanche 2-1St.Thomas Stars
MID POOL A (XOVER)M1410:30 AMMEM Sarnia Sting 3-1St.Thomas Stars
BTM A (XOVER)S1710:45 AMTC-STMHA Brampton 45's 1-7St.Thomas Stars
AT (XOVER)E1111:00 AMEECC-E Southpoint Capitals 0-7Owen Sound Attack
BTM A (XOVER)P1611:00 AMTC-PRESS Amherstburg Stars 1-1Niagara Falls Flyer
MID POOL A (XOVER)M1511:45 AMMEM Lorne Park Wild 2-0Lorne Park Clarkson
32E1212:00 PMEECC-E North London Nationals 5-2Leaside Flames Red
BTM A (XOVER)S1812:00 PMTC-STMHA Guelph Gryphons 0-4London Jr Mustangs Purple
BTM A (XOVER)P1712:15 PMTC-PRESS North Durham Warriors 0-1Centre Wellington Fusion
32E131:00 PMEECC-E Georgina Blaze 4-2Milton Winterhawks
PW POOL CM161:00 PMMEM Whitby Wildcats 1-4Woolwich Wildcats
NOV-AS191:15 PMTC-STMHA Stratford Warriors 8-1West London Hawks
PWP181:30 PMTC-PRESS Barrie Colts 1-4Welland Tigers
NOV-AE142:00 PMEECC-E St.Thomas Stars2-5Southpoint Capitals
MID POOL A (XOVER)M172:15 PMMEM Amherstburg Stars 1-4Vaughan Rangers
PW POOL BS202:15 PMTC-STMHA Owen Sound Attack 1-3Stoney Creek Warriors
PWP192:45 PMTC-PRESS Oakville Rangers 0-5St. Clair Shores Saints
PW POOL BM183:30 PMMEM Woodstock Jr Navy Vets 4-2Georgina Blaze
MID POOL A (XOVER)S213:30 PMTC-STMHA Mt.Brydges Cougars 1-1Orillia Terriers
ATP203:45 PMTC-PRESS Southpoint Capitals 1-8St.Thomas Stars
PW POOL CM194:45 PMMEM Burlington Jr Cougars 3-4Erie North Shore Storm
ATP214:45 PMTC-PRESS Sarnia Sting 0-3Woodstock Jr Navy Vets
32S224:45 PMTC-STMHA Riverside Rangers 6-5Leaside Flames Red
PW POOL CP225:45 PMTC-PRESS Woolwich Wildcats 1-2St. Thomas Stars
NOV-AS235:45 PMTC-STMHA Niagara Falls Flyer 4-4West London Hawks
PW POOL BM206:00 PMMEM Stoney Creek Warriors 1-1London Jr Mustangs White
PWS246:45 PMTC-STMHA Welland Tigers 0-2London Jr Mustangs Purple
BTM B (XOVER)P237:00 PMTC-PRESS Niagara Falls Flyer 0-3North Durham Warriors
BTM B (XOVER)M217:15 PMMEM St.Thomas Stars3-1Guelph Gryphons
BTM B (XOVER)S258:00 PMTC-STMHA London Jr Mustangs Purple 5-0Amherstburg Stars
BTM B (XOVER)P248:15 PMTC-PRESS Centre Wellington Fusion 5-1Brampton 45's
MID POOL B (XOVER)M228:30 PMMEM Orillia Terriers 1-1Sarnia Sting
MID POOL B (XOVER)S269:15 PMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars0-5Lorne Park Wild
MID POOL B (XOVER)P259:30 PMTC-PRESS Vaughan Rangers 2-4Mt.Brydges Cougars
MID POOL B (XOVER)M239:45 PMMEM Lorne Park Clarkson 4-3Amherstburg Stars
Sunday, October 14, 2018
BNM248:00 AMMEM London Jr Mustangs Purple 2-0St.Thomas Stars
NOS278:00 AMTC-STMHA Georgina Blaze 2-6Southpoint Capitals
NOP268:15 AMTC-PRESS Stratford Warriors 1-5North London Nationals
BNM259:15 AMMEM North Durham Warriors 2-1Guelph Gryphons
ATS289:15 AMTC-STMHA Woodstock Jr Navy Vets 2-6Owen Sound Attack
ATP279:30 AMTC-PRESS St.Thomas Stars4-1Toronto Avalanche
MDM2610:30 AMMEM Orillia Terriers 2-1Vaughan Rangers
PWS2910:30 AMTC-STMHA Woolwich Wildcats 0-2St. Thomas Stars
PWP2810:45 AMTC-PRESS Owen Sound Attack 4-1St. Clair Shores Saints
MDM2711:45 AMMEM Lorne Park Wild 1-0Mt.Brydges Cougars
NOP2612:00 PMTC-STMHA North London Nationals 5-3Southpoint Capitals
ATP2912:15 PMTC-PRESS St.Thomas Stars5-4Owen Sound Attack
BNP301:45 PMTC-PRESS North Durham Warriors 2-5London Jr Mustangs Purple
MDS313:00 PMTC-STMHA Orillia Terriers 1-3Lorne Park Wild
PWP313:15 PMTC-PRESS Owen Sound Attack 5-1St. Thomas Stars
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