Schedule & Results, 2016-2017 House League Christmas Tournament, 2016-2017 (St. Thomas Minor Hockey)

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016
IP218:00 AMSTMHA Timbit 7-IP2-Green Team 7-2Timbit 8-IP2-Burgundy team
IP128:15 AMPRESS Timbit 3-Yellow Team 0-0Timbit 4-White Team
IP239:00 AMSTMHA Timbit 5-IP2 Red Team 5-6Timbit 6-IP2-Gold Team
IP149:15 AMPRESS Timbits 1-Green Team 0-0Timbit 2-Blue team
Nov510:00 AMSTMHA Dodge Bruins 6-3Dodge Canadiens
Nov610:15 AMPRESS Dodge Flames 6-1Dodge Leafs
AT711:00 AMSTMHA Green Battalion 4-1Red Blackhawks
AT811:15 AMPRESS Blue Canucks 5-5White Kings
PW912:00 PMSTMHA Al's Pizzeria 2-4Locke Insurance
PW1012:15 PMPRESS Sifton Funeral Home 4-0St.Thomas Downtown Development Board
IP1111:00 PMSTMHA Timbit 3-Yellow Team 0-0Timbits 1-Green Team
IP2121:15 PMPRESS Timbit 7-IP2-Green Team 6-4Timbit 5-IP2 Red Team
IP1132:00 PMSTMHA Timbit 4-White Team 0-0Timbit 2-Blue team
IP2142:15 PMPRESS Timbit 8-IP2-Burgundy team 4-9Timbit 6-IP2-Gold Team
Nov153:00 PMSTMHA Dodge Leafs 6-9Dodge Canadiens
Nov163:15 PMPRESS Dodge Flames 4-3Dodge Bruins
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
AT178:00 AMSTMHA White Kings 4-1Red Blackhawks
AT188:15 AMPRESS Blue Canucks 4-4Green Battalion
PW199:00 AMSTMHA St.Thomas Downtown Development Board 3-8Locke Insurance
PW209:15 AMPRESS Sifton Funeral Home 6-1Al's Pizzeria
IP12110:00 AMSTMHA Timbit 2-Blue team 0-0Timbit 3-Yellow Team
IP22210:15 AMPRESS Timbit 7-IP2-Green Team 7-4Timbit 6-IP2-Gold Team
IP12311:00 AMSTMHA Timbits 1-Green Team 0-0Timbit 4-White Team
IP22411:15 AMPRESS Timbit 5-IP2 Red Team 1-4Timbit 8-IP2-Burgundy team
Nov2512:00 PMSTMHA Dodge Canadiens 1-3Dodge Flames
Nov2612:15 PMPRESS Dodge Bruins 8-4Dodge Leafs
AT271:00 PMSTMHA Green Battalion 1-4White Kings
AT281:15 PMPRESS Blue Canucks 3-3Red Blackhawks
PW292:00 PMSTMHA Sifton Funeral Home 6-3Locke Insurance
PW302:15 PMPRESS St.Thomas Downtown Development Board 4-1Al's Pizzeria
Thursday, December 29, 2016
IP2318:15 AMPRESS Timbit 5-IP2 Red Team 3-2Timbit 8-IP2-Burgundy team
IP2329:00 AMSTMHA Timbit 6-IP2-Gold Team 6-7Timbit 7-IP2-Green Team
Nov339:15 AMPRESS Dodge Leafs 5-4Dodge Canadiens
Nov3410:00 AMSTMHA Dodge Bruins 3-2Dodge Flames
AT3510:15 AMPRESS Red Blackhawks 5-4Green Battalion
AT3511:00 AMSTMHA Blue Canucks 3-4White Kings
PW3711:15 AMPRESS Al's Pizzeria 4-6St.Thomas Downtown Development Board
PW3812:00 PMSTMHA Locke Insurance 0-5Sifton Funeral Home
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