Schedule & Results, Boston Pizza Cup - Minor & AE, 2016-2017 (St. Thomas Minor Hockey)

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Friday, November 18, 2016
MA19:30 AMTC-STMHA London Jr Mustangs White 0-3St.Thomas Stars
AT (XOVER)29:45 AMTC-PRESS St.Thomas Stars4-2Fort Erie
PW310:00 AMMEM Woodstock 5-0St.Thomas Stars
NOV-A410:00 AMEECCK Woolwich 7-3St.Thomas Stars
NOV-A510:15 AMEECC E New Hamburg Huskies3-0Wallaceburg Lakers
AT (XOVER)610:30 AMTC-STMHA Uxbridge 3-2Kent TekSavvy Cobras
AT (XOVER)710:45 AMTC-PRESS London Bandits5-3La Salle
MA911:00 AMEECCK Southpoint Capitals3-3Meadowvale
PW1011:15 AMEECC E Innisfil Winterhawks3-0Erie North Shore Storm
BN811:15 AMMEM Oakridge Areos5-2St.Thomas Stars
PW1111:45 AMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars 8-0Brampton
AT (XOVER)1212:00 PMTC-PRESS Owen Sound Attack3-2Merriton Bulldogs
BN1312:30 PMMEM Fort Erie 5-1Niagara on the Lake Wolves
PW1412:30 PMEECCK Toronto Eagles3-3Newmarket Redmen
PW1512:30 PMEECC E Uxbridge 1-0Toronto Areos
BN171:15 PMTC-PRESS Erie North Shore 1-9Ajax Knights
PW181:45 PMMEM Windsor Jr Spitfires2-4Woodstock
NOV-A191:45 PMEECCK New Hamburg Huskies4-0St.Thomas Stars
NOV-A201:45 PMEECC E Woolwich 4-1Wallaceburg Lakers
AT (XOVER)212:15 PMTC-STMHA Kent TekSavvy Cobras5-7St.Thomas Stars
MA222:30 PMTC-PRESS Meadowvale 1-4London Jr Mustangs White
AT (XOVER)252:45 PMEECC E La Salle 1-2Uxbridge
BN233:00 PMMEM Fort Erie 3-4St.Thomas Stars
AT (XOVER)243:30 PMEECCK Merriton Bulldogs0-13London Bandits
PW263:30 PMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars0-6Innisfil Winterhawks
PW273:45 PMTC-PRESS Toronto Areos 1-1Newmarket Redmen
AT (XOVER)284:00 PMEECC E Fort Erie 2-1Owen Sound Attack
PW294:45 PMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars 9-1Toronto Eagles
MA305:00 PMTC-PRESS St.Thomas Stars8-0Southpoint Capitals
MBan316:00 PMTC-STMHA Newmarket Redmen1-3Guelph
PW326:15 PMTC-PRESS Uxbridge 2-1Brampton
MBan337:15 PMTC-STMHA Oakland Jr Grizzlies5-4St.Thomas Stars
PW347:30 PMTC-PRESS Erie North Shore Storm0-3Windsor Jr Spitfires
BN358:30 PMTC-STMHA Erie North Shore 2-5Oakridge Areos
BN368:45 PMTC-PRESS Ajax Knights6-0Niagara on the Lake Wolves
Saturday, November 19, 2016
AT (XOVER)398:00 AMMEM Fort Erie 0-7London Bandits
AT (XOVER)408:15 AMEECCK Merriton Bulldogs3-4Uxbridge
NOV-A418:30 AMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars5-0Wallaceburg Lakers
NOV-A428:45 AMTC-PRESS New Hamburg Huskies0-3Woolwich
AT (XOVER)439:15 AMMEM Kent TekSavvy Cobras4-0Owen Sound Attack
AT (XOVER)449:30 AMEECCK La Salle 5-4St.Thomas Stars
PW459:30 AMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars2-9Windsor Jr Spitfires
PW4610:00 AMTC-PRESS Innisfil Winterhawks3-5Woodstock
MBan4710:30 AMMEM Newmarket Redmen3-4Oakland Jr Grizzlies
BN4810:45 AMEECCK Fort Erie 5-4Erie North Shore
MBan4910:45 AMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars6-1Guelph
PW5011:15 AMTC-PRESS Toronto Areos 2-2Toronto Eagles
BN5111:45 AMMEM St.Thomas Stars3-2Niagara on the Lake Wolves
MA5212:00 PMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars9-1Meadowvale
MA5312:30 PMTC-PRESS Southpoint Capitals2-4London Jr Mustangs White
BN541:00 PMMEM Oakridge Areos3-2Ajax Knights
PW551:00 PMTC-STMHA Uxbridge 0-6St.Thomas Stars
PW561:45 PMTC-PRESS Newmarket Redmen0-1Brampton
PW572:15 PMMEM Erie North Shore Storm2-2St.Thomas Stars
AT (XOVER)582:15 PMTC-STMHA London Bandits4-2Kent TekSavvy Cobras
AT (XOVER)593:00 PMTC-PRESS St.Thomas Stars4-1Merriton Bulldogs
PW603:30 PMMEM Windsor Jr Spitfires4-6Innisfil Winterhawks
NO613:30 PMTC-STMHA Wallaceburg Lakers0-5Woolwich
AT (XOVER)624:15 PMTC-PRESS Uxbridge 3-1Fort Erie
AT (XOVER)644:30 PMEECC E Owen Sound Attack2-0La Salle
MBan634:45 PMMEM Oakland Jr Grizzlies2-2Guelph
NO665:30 PMTC-PRESS St.Thomas Stars3-2New Hamburg Huskies
PW675:45 PMEECCK Brampton 1-4Toronto Eagles
PW685:45 PMTC-STMHA Toronto Areos 0-6St.Thomas Stars
PW696:45 PMTC-PRESS Newmarket Redmen2-2Uxbridge
PW707:00 PMTC-STMHA Woodstock 3-3Erie North Shore Storm
BN718:00 PMTC-PRESS Niagara on the Lake Wolves1-7Erie North Shore
MBan728:15 PMTC-STMHA Newmarket Redmen1-2St.Thomas Stars
BN739:15 PMTC-PRESS Oakridge Areos6-2Fort Erie
BN749:30 PMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars1-3Ajax Knights
Sunday, November 20, 2016
MA757:30 AMTC-STMHA Southpoint Capitals1-3London Jr Mustangs White
MA767:45 AMTC-PRESS Meadowvale 2-3St.Thomas Stars
PW778:00 AMMEM Windsor Jr Spitfires4-3Innisfil Winterhawks
AT788:30 AMTC-STMHA La Salle 3-4Kent TekSavvy Cobras
AT798:45 AMTC-PRESS Uxbridge 0-5London Bandits
PW809:15 AMMEM Erie North Shore Storm2-3Woodstock
PW819:45 AMTC-STMHA Newmarket Redmen4-8St.Thomas Stars
PW8210:00 AMTC-PRESS Toronto Eagles1-5Uxbridge
BN8310:30 AMMEM St.Thomas Stars1-6Ajax Knights
NO8411:00 AMTC-STMHA St.Thomas Stars4-5Woolwich
BN8511:15 AMTC-PRESS Fort Erie 1-7Oakridge Areos
MBan8611:45 AMMEM Guelph 3-1St.Thomas Stars
MBan8712:15 PMTC-STMHA Newmarket Redmen2-3Oakland Jr Grizzlies
AT8812:30 PMTC-PRESS Kent TekSavvy Cobras0-10London Bandits
MA891:30 PMTC-STMHA London Jr Mustangs White 1-5St.Thomas Stars
PW901:45 PMTC-PRESS Windsor Jr Spitfires1-3Woodstock
PW912:45 PMTC-STMHA Uxbridge 0-6St.Thomas Stars
BN923:15 PMTC-PRESS Ajax Knights0-2Oakridge Areos
MBan934:00 PMTC-STMHA Guelph 2-0Oakland Jr Grizzlies
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