Schedule & Results, Boston Pizza Cup - Major Tournament, 2015-2016 (St. Thomas Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, October 16, 2015
PW19:30 AMTC-STMHA St Thomas Jr Stars0-1Guelph Jr Gryphons
PW29:45 AMTC-PRESS London Jr Mustangs - White0-2Dorchester Dragons
BN (XOVER)310:00 AMMEM St Thomas Jr Stars2-5Tillsonburg Tornadoes
PW410:00 AMEECC-K Grimsby Peach Kings4-0Stratford Warriors
PW510:15 AMEECC-E Riverside Rangers4-0Belmont Rangers
PW610:45 AMTC-STMHA Amherstburg Stars0-4Listowel Cyclones
BN (XOVER)711:00 AMTC-PRESS Amherstburg Stars0-1Grimsby Peach Kings
MD811:15 AMMEM Woodstock Navy Vets0-2North London Nationals
BN (XOVER)911:15 AMEECC-K Hespeler Shamrocks4-2Toronto Colts
MD1011:30 AMEECC-E Credit Valley Wolves4-4Kitchener Rangers
MD1112:00 PMTC-STMHA St Thomas Jr Stars2-0Sarnia Sting
MD1212:15 PMTC-PRESS Southpoint Capitals0-4Hespeler Shamrocks
PW1312:30 PMMEM Uxbridge Stars2-2Owen Sound Jr Attack
AT1412:30 PMEECC-K Welland Tigers0-2Riverside Rangers
MD1512:45 PMEECC-E Welland Tigers3-4Amherstburg Stars
NOV-A161:15 PMTC-STMHA St Thomas Jr Stars8-0Tillsonburg Tornadoes
AT171:30 PMTC-PRESS St Thomas Jr Stars4-2Belmont Rangers
NOV-A191:45 PMEECC-K Riverside Rangers4-0Fort Erie Jr Meteors
PW182:00 PMMEM Stratford Warriors4-3Dorchester Dragons
PW202:00 PMEECC-E London Jr Mustangs - White1-2Grimsby Peach Kings
PW212:30 PMTC-STMHA Amherstburg Stars2-3St Thomas Jr Stars
PW222:45 PMTC-PRESS Guelph Jr Gryphons2-2Listowel Cyclones
BN (XOVER)233:15 PMMEM Tillsonburg Tornadoes3-6Hespeler Shamrocks
BN (XOVER)243:15 PMEECC-E Amherstburg Stars1-2Toronto Colts
BN (XOVER)253:45 PMTC-STMHA Grimsby Peach Kings2-5St Thomas Jr Stars
MD264:00 PMTC-PRESS London Jr Mustangs - Purple2-4Grimsby Peach Kings
PW275:00 PMTC-STMHA Owen Sound Jr Attack5-3Belmont Rangers
PW285:15 PMTC-PRESS Riverside Rangers2-7Uxbridge Stars
MD296:15 PMTC-STMHA Southpoint Capitals2-4St Thomas Jr Stars
MD306:30 PMTC-PRESS Sarnia Sting0-4Hespeler Shamrocks
MD317:30 PMTC-STMHA Woodstock Navy Vets3-0Credit Valley Wolves
MD327:45 PMTC-PRESS Kitchener Rangers3-3North London Nationals
MD338:45 PMTC-STMHA Amherstburg Stars5-2Grimsby Peach Kings
MD349:00 PMTC-PRESS London Jr Mustangs - Purple3-1Welland Tigers
Saturday, October 17, 2015
NOV-A357:30 AMTC-STMHA Riverside Rangers9-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
PW378:00 AMMEM Guelph Jr Gryphons2-1Amherstburg Stars
AT368:15 AMTC-PRESS Welland Tigers4-6Belmont Rangers
NOV-A388:30 AMTC-STMHA St Thomas Jr Stars4-0Fort Erie Jr Meteors
AT399:15 AMTC-PRESS St Thomas Jr Stars1-2Riverside Rangers
PW409:15 AMMEM Uxbridge Stars3-0Belmont Rangers
PW419:30 AMTC-STMHA St Thomas Jr Stars3-3Listowel Cyclones
PW4210:15 AMTC-PRESS Grimsby Peach Kings2-0Dorchester Dragons
PW4310:30 AMMEM Owen Sound Jr Attack2-0Riverside Rangers
PW4410:45 AMTC-STMHA Stratford Warriors1-4London Jr Mustangs - White
MD4511:30 AMTC-PRESS St Thomas Jr Stars0-6Hespeler Shamrocks
MD4611:45 AMMEM Welland Tigers2-1Grimsby Peach Kings
MD4712:00 PMTC-STMHA Credit Valley Wolves1-3North London Nationals
MD4812:45 PMTC-PRESS Sarnia Sting0-1Southpoint Capitals
MD491:00 PMMEM Kitchener Rangers0-0Woodstock Navy Vets
BN (XOVER)501:15 PMTC-STMHA Toronto Colts1-2St Thomas Jr Stars
AT512:00 PMTC-PRESS Welland Tigers2-5St Thomas Jr Stars
BN (XOVER)522:15 PMMEM Tillsonburg Tornadoes6-0Amherstburg Stars
NOV-A532:30 PMTC-STMHA Riverside Rangers6-6St Thomas Jr Stars
AT543:00 PMTC-PRESS Belmont Rangers2-7Riverside Rangers
BN (XOVER)553:30 PMMEM Grimsby Peach Kings6-0Hespeler Shamrocks
NOV-A563:30 PMTC-STMHA Fort Erie Jr Meteors2-6Tillsonburg Tornadoes
MD574:15 PMTC-PRESS Amherstburg Stars2-1London Jr Mustangs - Purple
PW (XOVER)604:30 PMTC-STMHA St Thomas Jr Stars6-2Riverside Rangers
PW (XOVER)584:45 PMMEM Owen Sound Jr Attack5-3Amherstburg Stars
PW (XOVER)594:45 PMEECC-K Listowel Cyclones2-1Dorchester Dragons
PW (XOVER)615:30 PMTC-PRESS Guelph Jr Gryphons1-2London Jr Mustangs - White
PW (XOVER)635:45 PMTC-STMHA Uxbridge Stars2-0Grimsby Peach Kings
MD (XOVER)626:00 PMEECC-K Sarnia Sting2-4Woodstock Navy Vets
PW (XOVER)646:45 PMTC-PRESS Stratford Warriors4-2Belmont Rangers
MD (XOVER)667:00 PMTC-STMHA Hespeler Shamrocks3-2North London Nationals
MD (XOVER)657:15 PMEECC-K Welland Tigers3-3Credit Valley Wolves
BN (XOVER)678:00 PMTC-PRESS Amherstburg Stars4-2Toronto Colts
MD (XOVER)688:15 PMTC-STMHA Kitchener Rangers5-1Grimsby Peach Kings
MD (XOVER)699:15 PMTC-PRESS Amherstburg Stars2-2Southpoint Capitals
MD (XOVER)709:30 PMTC-STMHA St Thomas Jr Stars1-1London Jr Mustangs - Purple
Sunday, October 18, 2015
NO718:00 AMTC-STMHA Fort Erie Jr Meteors1-4St Thomas Jr Stars
NO728:15 AMTC-PRESS Tillsonburg Tornadoes0-8Riverside Rangers
AT739:15 AMTC-STMHA Welland Tigers2-6Riverside Rangers
AT749:30 AMTC-PRESS Belmont Rangers1-6St Thomas Jr Stars
PW7510:30 AMTC-STMHA Owen Sound Jr Attack0-3Grimsby Peach Kings
PW7610:45 AMTC-PRESS Listowel Cyclones3-1Uxbridge Stars
BN7711:45 AMTC-STMHA Hespeler Shamrocks2-6St Thomas Jr Stars
BN7812:00 PMTC-PRESS Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-6Grimsby Peach Kings
MD791:00 PMTC-STMHA Woodstock Navy Vets3-7Hespeler Shamrocks
MD801:15 PMTC-PRESS Kitchener Rangers2-3Amherstburg Stars
NO812:15 PMTC-STMHA Riverside Rangers4-3St Thomas Jr Stars
AT822:30 PMTC-PRESS St Thomas Jr Stars2-3Riverside Rangers
PW833:30 PMTC-STMHA Listowel Cyclones2-3Grimsby Peach Kings
BN (XOVER)843:45 PMTC-PRESS Grimsby Peach Kings4-3St Thomas Jr Stars
MD854:45 PMTC-STMHA Amherstburg Stars3-2Hespeler Shamrocks
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