Can my Child play Representative hockey in St.Thomas (St. Thomas Minor Hockey)

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Can my child play hockey in St.Thomas if I don't live in St.Thomas?

Players who reside in the surrounding area may register to play Local League hockey in St.Thomas.
A player must play in their Home Centre, which is the closest Centre, that offers a hockey program. Players who live in St.Thomas or are eligible to play in St.Thomas under the guidelines of OMHA 3.4- Right of Choice can play representative hockey here.



What Does "Right Of Choice" mean?

A “Right Of Choice”is determined by measuring the distance
(on awell-travelled road.) from:
• the end of the players' laneway to the post office at 204 First Ave St.Thomas and
• the end of the laneway to the post office in the next nearest Centre(s).

The difference between these two distances must not exceed eight (8) km. If it does, the player does not have the "Right of Choice" and must play in their closest centre.

If it is less than 8 km, the player has the right to choose which centre to play in and must complete aRight_of_Choice Declaration.
There may be more than one centre that needs to be taken into consideration.
Once a R.O.C. is completed, the player must play in that centre unless released.
For distance to Port Stanley, Belmont, Lambeth and Aylmer, use Postal outlet in that town to measure


Example #1(Vicki) Example #2(Gord)
- to Aylmer Post Office(4.1 km)
- to St.Thomas Post Office(13.6 km)
-to Belmont Post office (16.7 km)
- to St.Thomas Post Office = 18.6 km
- to Port Stanley Post Office =16 km
Difference = 13.6 - 4.1 =9.5 km Difference =
18.6 (St.Thomas) - 16 (Port Stanley) =2.6 km.
The distance difference is greater than 8 km, so you must play in the closest home centre (which in this case would be Aylmer) The difference is less than 8 km, so the player has the"Right of Choice"and must fill out the right of choice form.
Complete rules and regulations in regards to OMHA Rules 3.3 (Residential Qualifications)
and Rule 3.4 (Right of Choice) may be found on the OMHA site at this Link