Divisions, St. Thomas Tyke Classic, 2009-2010 (St. Thomas Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 26, 2010
Prelim 12:00 PMWalk Oakridge Aeros5-4Dorchester Dragons
Prelim 22:30 PMPress Guelph Jr. Storm1-10North London Nationals
Prelim 32:50 PMWalk Hespeler Shamrocks1-7Chatham Maroons
Prelim 43:20 PMPress Humber Valley Sharks0-5Amherstburg Stars
Prelim 53:40 PMWalk Thamesford Attack4-3Riverside Rangers
Prelim 64:10 PMPress Aurora Tigers A6-5Essex Ravens
Prelim 74:30 PMWalk Woolwich Wildcats2-1Tecumseh Eagles
Prelim 85:00 PMPress Belle River Rink Rats8-1Erin Hillsburg Devils
Prelim 95:20 PMWalk Petrolia Oilers0-12Aurora Tigers B
Prelim 105:50 PMPress Pickering Panthers Black9-0LaSalle Sabers
Prelim 116:10 PMWalk Caledon Hawks11-0St. Thomas Jr. Stars White
Prelim 126:40 PMPress Brampton Battalion1-6Centre Wellington Fusion
Prelim 137:00 PMWalk Clarrington Thunder Black8-0St. Thomas Jr. Stars Green
Saturday, February 27, 2010
Prelim 147:30 AMWalk North London Nationals7-2Aurora Tigers B
Prelim 157:45 AMPress Woolwich Wildcats2-6Pickering Panthers Black
Prelim 168:20 AMWalk Dorchester Dragons5-3Belle River Rink Rats
Prelim 178:35 AMPress Thamesford Attack0-15Clarrington Thunder Black
Prelim 189:10 AMWalk Humber Valley Sharks9-0St. Thomas Jr. Stars White
Prelim 199:25 AMPress Petrolia Oilers2-7Brampton Battalion
Prelim 2010:00 AMWalk Amherstburg Stars3-0St. Thomas Jr. Stars Green
Prelim 2110:15 AMPress Tecumseh Eagles5-4Aurora Tigers A
Prelim 2210:50 AMWalk Caledon Hawks11-3Riverside Rangers
Prelim 2311:05 AMPress Centre Wellington Fusion2-3LaSalle Sabers
Prelim 2411:40 AMWalk Erin Hillsburg Devils3-5Oakridge Aeros
Prelim 2511:55 AMPress Essex Ravens5-4Hespeler Shamrocks
Prelim 2612:30 PMWalk Chatham Maroons3-0Guelph Jr. Storm
C 272:45 PMWalk Riverside Rangers1-3Essex Ravens
C 283:00 PMPress Thamesford Attack6-7LaSalle Sabers
C 293:45 PMWalk Hespeler Shamrocks1-6Woolwich Wildcats
C 304:00 PMPress Brampton Battalion1-8Guelph Jr. Storm
B 314:45 PMWalk Belle River Rink Rats4-1Aurora Tigers B
B 325:00 PMPress Humber Valley Sharks2-11Aurora Tigers A
B 335:45 PMWalk Dorchester Dragons7-0Tecumseh Eagles
A 346:00 PMPress Chatham Maroons5-3Amherstburg Stars
A 356:45 PMWalk North London Nationals0-4Pickering Panthers Black
A 367:00 PMPress Caledon Hawks0-13Oakridge Aeros
Sunday, February 28, 2010
D 378:00 AMWalk St. Thomas Jr. Stars White1-13Petrolia Oilers
D 388:15 AMPress St. Thomas Jr. Stars Green2-3Erin Hillsburg Devils
C 399:00 AMWalk LaSalle Sabers2-4Essex Ravens
C 409:15 AMPress Guelph Jr. Storm0-3Woolwich Wildcats
B 4110:00 AMWalk Centre Wellington Fusion2-3Belle River Rink Rats
B 4210:15 AMPress Dorchester Dragons6-1Aurora Tigers A
A 4311:00 AMWalk Chatham Maroons4-7Clarrington Thunder Black
A 4411:15 AMPress Oakridge Aeros4-2Pickering Panthers Black
D 4512:15 PMWalk Petrolia Oilers1-7Erin Hillsburg Devils
C 4612:30 PMPress Woolwich Wildcats4-2Essex Ravens
B 471:30 PMWalk Dorchester Dragons6-5Belle River Rink Rats
A 482:45 PMWalk Oakridge Aeros3-5Clarrington Thunder Black
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Press - St. Thomas Timken Centre Presstran Rink, 2 Third Ave., St. Thomas, ON
  • Walk - St. Thomas Timken Centre Walker Rink, 2 Third Ave., St. Thomas, ON
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